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GeoFunders, även känt som GUNS, har idag ett pris på 0,53 SEK och ett marknadsvärde på 52.827.198 SEK, vilket är 0,00% av det totala. GeoFunders har totalt 100.000.000 mynt i omlopp.

Under de senaste 24 timmarna har priset på GeoFunders, 0,00000000 SEK, vilket är 0,00% av värderingen.

Vad är GeoFunders?

GeoFounders is a software collective focused on building blockchain-related applications and services. Using tokens called GeoUnits (GUNS), revenue collected by the GeoFounders software catalogue is automatically divvied up for token holders via smart contracts and trusted oracles. A small portion of the revenue is cycled back into the collective to further increase the collective's application catalogue, which in turn increases the token value and revenue payouts.

GeoFounders tokens, also known as GeoUnits (GUNS), serve multiple purposes. The first purpose is to act as a measurement of “virtual stake” regarding revenue produced by the GeoFounders software catalogue. GUNS tokens are analyzed using a simple formula due to the fixed nature of the GUNS supply. For every GUNS token a person possesses, they receive 0.0000009% of the revenue generated by the GeoFounders software collective. The more tokens you possess, the greater your share of the revenue.
The second purpose of GUNS tokens are to act as a verification mechanism within different GeFounder applications. Depending on the software, this authentication process can provide different services. For example, the primary GeoFounder members application uses token verification to allow communication within the software while other applications provide novelty software rights, such as the ability to name an in-game location within GeoRealms if you can verify an account with 1000 or more GUNS.

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Nuvarande Utbudet 100.000.000 GUNS
Totala Utbudet 100.000.000 GUNS
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